My practice is a critique of reality as defined by  architecture, popular visual culture and media, which can be termed ‘social control mechanisms’. Found and appropriated images and materials are assembled so as to make new narratives, juxtapositions and connections. I aim to create a dialogue between objects and images using painting, print making, sculpture and installation, often combining all these elements together.

Manifesto Number Two;

smears of paint on a glass pallet add zinc white add brilliant yellow add lemon yellow add turpentine add linseed oil thin further with more turpentine combine with large pallet knife load paintbrush place colour tone on empty white canvas over dry paint over wet paint over pencil lines over charcoal lines over scraped away paint over lay place first mark add second third fourth fifth sixth infinite mark ? do i accept this placing of tone line form set of relationships of each placed mark tone line colour until made no acceptance can be decided upon the painting is what it is when it is it a final state achieved by non-conscious means mark follows mark follows relationship of form to form to tone to colour to mark making a particular dynamic within the picture plane that affects how the eyes perceive the given information and travel across the picture plane the bounded area of activity contained within the frame sliding away from the frame differing areas of activity contained in closed areas uncontained in open spaces a narrative of connections you the viewer the observer the audience decide and perceive what only you percieve